No visits in Magento version?

1. Identify template you are using

2. Navigate to: /app/design/frontend/{name_of_your_template}/default/layout

3. open file: local.xml

4. find tag: <reference name="head">

5. Find where it ends (</reference>)

6. Before the </reference> insert this piece of XML:

            <block type="extrawatch/extraWatch" template="extrawatch/extrawatch-agent.phtml" />
7. Navigate to System -> Cache Management -> Press "Flush Magento Cache"


1. Reload the frontend (Ctrl+F5)

2. Click on View source (Ctrl+U)

3. Try to find string "agent.js"

4. If the text is there, you it's done. If not, consult it with your magento template developer where to place the "block" tag mentioned in step #6
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