1.Support Type

1.1 No Support

Even we try our best, it might be not possible to answer all questions and requests from users of Free version.

1.2 Regular Support

When user buys the software license, he's entitled to 6 months of support. Customers can renew the license from customer zone if support period is over from customer zone for another 6 months.

1.3 Priority Support

Customers can buy the license with priority support option for slightly higher price than regular price. It means, that when replying to support tickets, we will reply to those tickets on first place and then to other tickets with no priority suppor


2.Requesting support

There are two official ways to request a support


  • Private Support Ticket

  • Public Support Forum Post


2.1 Private Support Tickets




Our ticket system defines following categories:


  • Licensing support

  • Invoice Requests

  • Installation and Activation Support

  • Software defects support


When user submits support ticket, he should choose the correct category. Creating ticket in wrong category might make the process of solving the problem longer. Licensing Support

This has the highest priority and is solved on first place. Whenever user has some problem that he cannot login to customer download zone or other kind of problem related to payment and access to the latest version of the software. Invoice Requests

We issue invoices on request. If user needs an invoice, he should submit support ticket with all required fields such as company name and an address. There are officially 14 days until we have to issue an invoice of the purchase. Invoice is then attached to the support ticket and ticket is closed. Temporary Passwords

(Applies to categories Installation and Activation Support and Software Defects Support)

We might ask users to create temporary admin access and FTP access in order to check the problem directly on their site. In that case user MUST use custom fields at the bottom of the ticket.

Users should NEVER paste passwords into the text of the ticket. After the ticket is solved and closed, user must change the password immediately. We reserve right not to take any responsibility if user did not change the password. Installation and activation support

We provide basic support if user has problem to activate the extension in form of video and text tutorials. This has the highest priority among other categories of support templates

If site uses custom templates, we don't provide installation support on how to insert agent block/module. This is because site can be quite complicated and its hard to find the exact place for "footer" position. We provide different howto guides in FAQ sections how to do it for various CMS which can help you

The most efficient way would be to ask developer who developed the custom template for you


2.1.2.Software Defects Support


If user finds software defect, he should submit a support ticket with short description about the problem and steps how it's possible to reproduce the problem. We're trying to do our best to have software bug-free, but fixing some bugs might take some time. Sometimes it might be days or even weeks. We reserve right to fix found bugs according to our own time schedule and customer


2.1.3.Public Support Forum Posts


Support forum is public and users are free to submit their questions there which are related to the software. Every post has identification if the user is customer with active support account or not.

We reserve right to answer to posts with paid priority support on first place and not answer posts with no support license.







2.2. Money back guarantee vs support costs

We offer 30 days money back guarantee for purchased licenses. If there was support provided for client within that period (live chat, support tickets) and client decides to get the money back, he agrees that returned amount will be lowered by the cost of support provided. Support rate is $15/hour. If the support time exceeds license costs, we might decide to invoice the client the exceeding support costs. We usually don't do that but reserve a right to do so.

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