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TOPIC: elements a goal ( buttons /video play /links)

elements a goal ( buttons /video play /links) 3 years 3 months ago #12


1) how do you create a goal for e.g pressing a video button to play a video or a submit button from a form or click an image frame with a link to another ......i cant see how to in the PDF?

2) my heat map shows up my IP even though i have excluded under settings?

3) also my current visitors map does not seem to refresh? the date changes but no change who has visited the site and yday i visited via my phone

can u check it out please this is my website www.wellbeingclinics.co.uk

if you want access can use this login and password

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elements a goal ( buttons /video play /links) 3 years 3 months ago #18

Question 1:
1. Please go to Clicks section
2. click the button you wish to track and it will appear at the very top as most recent click
3. then click icon "add as goal"
4. and name the goal

after that, you'll be able to see each click on that element in goals

Question 2:
we have to change it in the code and it will be available in next update

Question 3:
please submit a private support ticket with that login information
The topic has been locked.
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