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TOPIC: Reset problems

Reset problems 3 years 4 weeks ago #543


Just a couple of questions regarding the "Reset all data" function under "Settings".

As I like to delete old data from time to time, just for my database's size sake, I've been using this function a couple of times. There's a few things that strike me each time.
  1. The user data is kept; I have to go into the database to reset the user statistics. When I say delete all old data it should delete all old collected data, right?
  2. The goals will also be deleted; is this right in the logic of "delete all old data"; though one could argue whether this one is right to be deleted. Could be that a lot of manual work is in this one from the admin-user.
  3. So for this case there's the goal export function. If it works that is. I get an xml file out of it BUT when I try to import after the reset I get an error
    "1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's Visit'' at line 1 SQL=select name from j3_extrawatch_goals where name = 'XXXXX' "
    Ok so I ven tried to set the index within my MySql database to zero. Now I don't get the message, but the import actually still doesn't get the data back into my database.

Any chance you might have a look into these things. Would be lovely.

I use the latest version of joomla 3.3.6 and extra Watch 2.3.2234 but actually I had this before.

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Reset problems 3 years 3 weeks ago #546

so basically the goals import functionality is the only problem because there is some error, right?
Let me try that.
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Reset problems 3 years 3 weeks ago #547

This issue has been fixed now and I tested it on our demo server (codegravitydemo.com/joomla/PRO/administrator)

Fix will be part of next update which should be available on Monday morning
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Reset problems 3 years 3 weeks ago #548


Tested it, the import /export works now.
The second thing I'd like to ask you for is:

When I reset my data I'd also expect the user stats to be reset. Right now the old user stats remain in the database, which sort of makes no sense to me.

Thanks for your prompt service!

Best wishes!
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Reset problems 3 years 1 week ago #565

thank you for reporting that, a fix will be part of next update, where it should reset also user stats.
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